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Electric Bikes

High performance all-rounders with reliable, robust frames. Versatile and powerful.

Ryder’s Range of Electric Bikes means there is an eBike for everyone!

Electric Folding Bikes

For the space conscious. Brilliantly engineered frames, offering a wide range of riding and storage options.

Electric Folding Bikes are unparalleled in convenience as a daily commuter. They offer an effortless ride through an electric motor and feature a simple folding mechanism to reduce the the size for easy storage.


For the ultimate in comfort, stability and safety, three wheels offers features two cannot. Ride in style.

The Ryder trike opens up a whole new world for people who have difficulty riding two-wheels bikes. Enjoy freedom & independence with a trike that suits your life.

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All Ryder eBikes purchased come with a full 3 Year Warranty.