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Not all eBikes are created equal. Only a home grown Aussie eBike brand can build the perfect bikes for Australia’s unique terrain with a full 3 YEAR Warranty. 

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Est. 17th September 2009
Fremantle, Western Australia

The Ryder Story

We are an Australian owned and operated company based in Fremantle, Western Australia. We’ve been operating for 14 years, supplying Australia with the latest products and services under our Ryder brand name and now quality European tricycle manufacturer’s .

We have a number of well established partners in Western Australia and are now keen to extend the invitation to develop partners across Australia.

Ryder Bikes are very focused on sustainability and the effects on the
environment. The entire range of bikes conform to all environmental standards and all our bike models comply with the government legislation on electric bikes, with all Australian standards being met.

The directors are constantly looking at innovations and improvements in our electric bike models to ensure our clients are receiving the best quality and value for money.


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Ryde with Confidence.

All Ryder eBikes purchased come with a full 3 Year Warranty.


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